Parents seeking admission for their children in this school must please note carefully the rules and instructions given below:

  • 1. The decision of school management would be final in all matters concerning discipline, fees, curriculum, admission, examination etc.

  • 2. The students and parents / guardians have to abide by all the rules and regulations issued by the school management from time to time.

  • 3. If your child is being absent from the school, school is not responsible for the class work and home work.

  • 4. When the student is being absent from examination, no examination will be conducted before or after.

  • 5. If the management finds your child is not able to cope up with the syllabus or unable to follow the rules and regulations of the school in spite of corrections and advice, the decision of the management will be final and the students / parents / guardians are bound to accept the decision.

  • 6. Neither the students nor their parents / guardians are allowed to interfere in the school administrations and indulge in any anti-school activities.

  • 7. In case of any violation of the students or the respective parents / guardians, the concerned student will be taken to action by the school.

  • 8. If the parent belongs to SC, ST, OBC or nomadic tribe, you are required to submit a caste certificate of child or the parent till you get child’s official caste certificate, but it should not be prolonged.