St. Joseph’s Convent School (CBSE) Bijalpur, is managed by the Congregation of the Sisters St.Joseph’s of Saint-Marc, particularly by the St.Joseph’s Province Indore. The Provincial Superior Sr. Anitha Kochupaliathil is the President of the school, Sr.Preethy Veittkal is the Manager and Sr.Bindu George is the Principal and Sr.Rosline is the Vice Principal. These are the ex-officio members and there are teaching faculties, parents and principals of other CBSE schools as members. There are all together 12 members in the School Management Committee.



Sr. Anita Kochupaliathil President
Sr. Vincy Puthur Manager
Sr. Bindu George Secretary
Sr. Tessy Thomas Province Procurator
Sr. Rincy Member
Sr. Gracy Member
Fr. Jollichan Member
Dr. Bharat Saboo Male Parent
Mrs. Ancy Varkey Female Parent
Mrs. Eveline Abraham Teacher Member
Mrs. Cicily Sinesh John Teacher Member